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“It is not only the bond of marriage that connects us; we are connected by the heart.” Together two souls embark on starting a lifelong journey of love & compassion. And Rishta Matrimony makes sure you have the best partner to embrace this journey with you.

As one of the pure-play internet agencies, Rishta Matrimony is a premier & classified matrimony website; we are highly dedicated & committed to offering 360-degree solutions to all the prospective brides and grooms. With our technology-driven approach & an incredible platform, we stand as one of the biggest matrimonial portals nationwide. We genuinely help our prospects find the best suitable match and increase the chances of meeting their soulmate with our most extensive profile database.

We have an enormous directory of suitable profiles that matches your preferences. Our team of talented relationship managers ensures you find the partner of your dreams. AI and ML technology help you find the best suggestions with more accurate results over time.

We have a long list of Happy Customers.

We are one of the most trusted marriage service providers with more than 18 years of experience. Our team of dedicated relationship managers & their guidance have made thousands of marriages possible & successful with our end-to-end services.


Our Intention

When we first started, our goal was to help unite souls with their mates. And even today, we stand firm with the idea and intention to connect people looking for their “dream man/woman.” Choosing someone who will support & love you throughout is every being’s right, and we make sure you find the one on our platform. We make this possible through a blend of traditional matchmaking principles with the integration of advanced technology.

With the purpose to offer our clients a superb matchmaking experience, Rishtamatrimony takes pride in featuring some of the best navigation techniques to help you unite with your true potential partner. Furthermore, our easy registration process, user-friendly interface, profiles classification, high level of security, and other features significantly broaden the availability of compatible companions.

We work with the sincere purpose of helping you find an authentic and genuine life partner who is serious about this lifetime commitment. Consequently, you get to meet the person keenly looking for a mate like you.


Why Choose Rishta Matrimony?

Our Matrimonial Portal is Inspired through Marriage Bureau Concept Platform & our customer-centric approach and higher authenticity ensure more specific search results based on your preferences. We make sure that each registered profile is verified and upholds accurate details. Rishtamatrimony.com is a genuine matrimonial website that opens a new world for prospects looking for serious commitments. We are not a dating website and sincerely inhibit any fake registrants and ask for authentic documents before verifying the new users.

The authentication process is mandatory before getting started on Rishtamatrimony.com. We are known for perfect matchmakings, convenience, spot-on navigation, and excellent services. With our team’s unmatched quality assistance, we have proven ourselves amongst the leading professionals in the field of Matrimonials.


Wider & Better Search Results


We serve all communities nationwide and have the most extensive database of Indians and NRI looking to settle. In a short span of time, we have become one of the most preferred choices among all the Indian & NRI communities looking for the most suitable match & that perfect life partner. Rishtamatrimony.com offers the best way to search and connect with that special someone you’ve been looking for & dreaming of your whole life.


Our relationship managers and team take a personal interest to offer you the most suitable suggestion based on your preferences.


An Extensive Database of Indian & NRI Prospects


Rishtamatrimony.com is a vivid Indian matrimonial website that offers a wide array of databases & profiles of prospective brides and grooms. With a confident and practical approach and a talented and dedicated team of professionals, Rishtamatrimony.com has successfully established a detailed directory of prospective clients across the boundaries.


We offer an exclusive and excellent matchmaking experience that empowers our prospects to find their ideal mate without any hassle. With our extensive database, we believe Rishta Matrimony can help you find your one & only for whom you’ve been dreaming of all your life!


With the help of our dedicated team and robust database, we have managed to favorably match the standards of thousands of prospects and help them reach their destiny.


We help you find The Best Partner.


We have helped thousands of prospects find their soulmates. We aim to offer a welcoming and highly authoritative platform that enables several users to find their preferred partners effortlessly and conveniently. Rishatmatrimony.com was started in 2004 with a vision to provide the much-needed customer-friendly and highly authentic platform to all the prospects looking for their soulmate online.


Our dedicated and skilled experts unit has introduced innovation, improved user-friendly navigation, and a collaborative approach to our standard functioning. Furthermore, our team of professionals employs unusual, ultra-modern, and admirable mechanisms to facilitate effective & flexible search. As a result, Rishtamatrimony.com serves your purpose in an optimum manner by ensuring all the necessary steps to show you the most concrete and best-suited profiles.


We are go-getters!


We ensure our members’ privacy and take all the responsibility when it comes to authenticating a profile. All communication between members and our portal goes through a secured channel and is kept confidential until you decide to share further.


We have established criteria to expand verified & genuine profiles across the globe & introduce new and advanced matchmaking features to our loyal customer base.


Our mission is to help you nigher to your desired partner with the utmost convenience and ease and to offer a safe & progressive matchmaking platform.


We understand all your requirements and do our best to meet your criteria from day1. With our wholly personalized & exclusive matchmaking services, we offer a seamless experience to manage your profile anywhere on the go.


We also offer a user-friendly interface and features to furnish you with the most relevant search results, unmatched filtration, & 100% authentic information.


All we ask for is to give us a chance to find you the most desirable profile.


We crave your continuous support and happy & prosperous stories!


So, what are you waiting for?


Register your profile and meet your life partner. Good Luck for your partner search!
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