In most civilisations, marriage and family are essential institutions. However, while the two organisations have a long history of cultural ties across the world, their relationship is getting increasingly complicated. Whether with your friends or your parents, the link between marriage and family is an intriguing issue to explore. As a human being, you must have certain wants that are frequently met through social, personal, and emotional connections.


When faced with the question “what is marriage?” different people might have different opinions. Even sociologists can’t agree on a single definition. However, the legal definition of marriage is recognised as a social contract between two people, historically based on a sexual relationship and suggesting the union’s permanency.


Because historically, weddings are what establish a family, and families are the most fundamental social unit upon which society is founded. The link between the institutions of marriage and the institution of family is unique. Marriage and family both establish socially sanctioned status roles. There are many reasons why people might want to get married. It is, however, very subjective.  In this article, we will be exploring all the different reasons people might get married.


1. Marriage gives you Emotional security.

One of the best motivations to marry is to achieve emotional intimacy, which results in emotional security. In a marriage, emotional closeness is just as vital as sexual intimacy. Communication allows you to establish an emotional connection and offers you a sense of belonging to someone. When you’re emotionally close, you know each other so well that you can deal with life’s ups and downs as a team. In a marriage, you may share the basic pleasures of life with someone for the rest of your life. Travel, ordinary discussions, emotional swings, caring for ageing parents and children, sharing cooking tasks, and sharing life experiences are all topics that may be discussed. Even greater are the numerous memories that may be created with your spouse.


2. You become more responsible once you marry.

You become more responsible once you marry. This is because marriage entails admitting someone into your life and both spouses taking responsibility for one another. You realise that you need to nurture and care for someone other than yourself.


3. Sharing the ups and downs with someone

You share your life with someone and come home to someone you can chat to at the end of the day when you’re married. It’s a strange sensation to share your life with someone. Going to bed and waking up together, arranging vacations, weekends, and dinners together, and deciding what to cook at home together are all things that make a marriage so much fun. Some individuals consider sharing a cup of coffee in the morning to be the essential ritual they have ever followed.

In a marriage, you will have someone through the highs and the lows of life.


In Conclusion:

Marriage may be a lovely thing, and it can provide you with a lot more in life than just procreation and companionship. Well, there are lots of practical, emotional, economic, and societal reasons to marry, which we don’t pay much weight to. We hope this article helps you better understand them.