Jay & Jin

i write this Behalf on my friend Jay because all things handled by me ..
What Is matrimonial Work.? arrange meetings ? sending Profiles ? and Receive your calls and answer you and Making call from Party?
NO NO Not for This Company because i know this company ..
my Friend Jay is NRi (NZ) i registered his Profile behalf on jay ..
me and jay’s father fully communicated this company .. they Suggested many girls and setup meeting in NZ..
one Girl mean JIN.. JIN and Jay both like very strongly eachother.. some cast issue jay’s father not Readdy to get marrried both … this Company owner take interest personally and jay’s father guide proper outof matrimonial way.. and result is both happy and jay’s father also Today very happy …..
Thanks we all socially and family expect this type of understanding
Thanks they interest like his family not like customer …